Welcome To Intuitive Songwriting!

Welcome To Intuitive Songwriting!

Thanks so much for enrolling. I'm thrilled and honored that you want to take things further, step up your creative game, and do some breakthrough songwriting of your own.

By the end of this course, you'll be writing ICONIC songs that change people's lives if you're willing to take action with all that you learn here.

But first... Make sure you join the Intuitive Songwriters Inner Circle if you haven't yet already because that's where all the interaction is going to take place!

Are you a member of Intuitive Songwriters Inner Circle yet?

You can request to join the group here:

When you join the inner circle, I encourage you to make a quick introduction post to everyone in the ISIC group that includes a link to your music and one burning question about songwriting or one piece of advice you might give to other songwriters.

And I would love for you to answer one burning question I have for you in the comments below...

What do you struggle with the most when it comes songwriting?

I can’t wait to hear your answer because I want to be sure you get the most out of your Intuitive Songwriting experience.

Now lets jump right into Lesson 1 (refer to the left menu)...

Yours in music,

Gregory Douglass, The Creative Advisor

PS- Please note that this is the self-study version of a course that was originally built to incorporate live, virtual group sessions. Many of the videos refer to these group sessions, but there will be no group sessions in this is the self-study version of the program. So, feel free to saturate this material at your own pace, and I'll look forward to seeing you soon in the Intuitive Songwriters Inner Circle!

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